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Daily Boat Trip

  The Antik Olympos boat trip has to be one of the best daily boat trips that are available in Cirali. This daily boat trip will start in the morning off the beach of Cirali at around 10/10:30am and finish at the end of the day around 5/6pm. The cost of the boat trip does include a wonderful fish lunch on board also with spaggetti, salad, fruit and tea . Drinks are available on the boat for an extra cost. The boat trip will take you along the Cirali coastal region visitng some inlets and coves. Then stopping along the way about 4 or 5 times for swimming opportunities and lunch. On this trip you will see wonderful and natural harbours with fine and secluded sandy beaches. also if you are really lucky you might even get to see some sea turtles while on this boat trip.When you are in Cirali we highly recommend you enjoy a lazy day boat trip. Great fun for families and couples alike or even if you are a solo traveller you will make some new friends on board. Also on a note of safety they do have life jackets for all passengers and if you are a non-swimmer bring a noodle or some type of safety floatation devices to make your trip more fun.

Lycian Way 

  Cirali village is situated on a  long-distance footpath  which The Sunday Times has listed as one of the world’s top ten walks. There is a great training waiting for you on 510 km distance! İf you wish you can walk only short walks and visit an ancient town of Olimpos ,eternal flames of Chimera, Ulupinar village or do a long walk and see places such as Saint Nicolas Church, graves in rocks at Myra or a cosy beach in Adrasan.


  Only a 30-40 minute walk from the hotel. The city is located by the sea and an ice cold stream coming down from the mountains runs through the middle of it. Olympos was part of the Lycian League of about thirty city-states. It is completely covered by tall fig and bayleaf trees. There are numerous remains such as the theatre, temples and sarcophoci as well as the ancient city walls,tombs and fortresses.

Tahtalı Peak

    5-6 hours. The hike is not done during the winter months when there is snow on Mount Tahtali (January to March), the highest mountain in the region. You take transportation to the highland of Beycik and start the climb there. The most challenging of all the hikes with the most spectacular scenery of the region and the sea. Recently a restaurant/cafe has been built at the peak and there is an aerial cable car which will take you down to the main road. It is truly a breath taking ride! Once on the main road, you can either take a taxi which we can send or use public transportation back to Cirali.

Fish Village - Ulupinar

   3 hours. The walkstarts from the village of Ulupınar. We can arrange your transportation to the beginning of the walk. The village of Ulupınar has many restaurants located on waterfalls. They serve fish and other traditional Turkish dishes. After the lunch, you descend to a valley, then climb up to the Chimera and down to Cirali . On this tour, you will also see a smaller group of flames at a higher altitude than the Chimera. It is relatively easy since it involves very little climbing.


Chimera 20 min. walking distance from Hotel.The fire-breathing monster, Chimera, is an important symbol of the ancient Lycian civilisation and it is in Cirali. The path is good and the climb itself is not steep. We believe that visiting Chimera is a must. We recommend that you go there in the evening to see these flames eternally burning on the side of the mountains.

High Lands

  Not far from Cirali are several highlands at altitudes of more than one thousand meters. You can hike to a number of them from Cirali and we can arrange transportation to take you back. On these highlands you will observe traditional nomadic living as well as now almost extinct cedar trees. We can organize a full day trip for you, including walks and traditional nomadic food.

Kumluca Bazaar Tour

   Every Friday local Kumluca bazaar is open to visitors. You can find local products, fresh fruits and vegetables from the farmers, spices and etc. Fun shopping day and discover local life in the area.


   It is half an hour drive from Cirali in the direction of Antalya,right on the sea and has lovely small coves and beaches. Instead of fighting Alexandre the Great, the people of Phaselis treated him as a hero and gave him the city as a gift


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